Z420 SCV

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It looks as good as it sails! The Z420 has been designed to ensure the success of collegiate sailing through the collaborative efforts of many college coaches, as well as sailing industry designers, experts, and racers. By reducing the overall hull weight in comparison to the existing Collegiate 420 and making it 40% stiffer, the level of performance has been significantly improved. And by utilizing responsible industry techniques, (LaserPerformance builds Z420s using the infused molding process that is more environmentally friendly), the boats have a much smaller impact on our environment.  

The Z420 features:  
·Aluminum spars  
·Fiberglass foils  
·Line kit  
·Fiberglass hull with ballistic core and closed cell foam structure  

·Integrated bow bumper  
·Angled keelson  
·Angled side tanks  
·Reinforced centerboard trunk cap  
·Larger, enclosed, air-tight forepeak for increased safety