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Laser Vang Kit by Harken – Fully class legal.

The vang is possibly the most crucial of the Laser controls & certainly the one under most load so you want it to be right.

Harken have been producing this Laser Vang kit for many years & fundamentally it has not changed however it has been steadily refined.

The lower assembly works really well, cleating & un-cleating relatively easily even under extreme load. The real test of the vang is how easily it un-cleats when on maximum load in that final few meters before the windward mark…

The top block assembly is robust, working effectively & efficiently. Whilst there is a trend towards changing the Harken top block for blocks with a slightly bigger sheave diameter from other manufacturers marketed as “Hi-load” our tests have demonstrated this to be unnecessary. The top block is not the weakest point in the system & this Harken top block (MWL 454Kg & BL 907Kg) is pretty efficient under high load. Since it is impossible to have 100% efficiency the room for improvement is quite small so keeping the bearings clean & well lubricated whilst replacing the primary & secondary lines when they start to wear &/or stiffen up with salt is in fact a bigger factor! The other point to bear in mind is that this Harken block with key is pretty compact & you do not want to unduly reduce the distance available to the secondary block in which to travel.

The kit contains the upgraded key with a thicker flange.

It is unlikely you will be disappointed with this Harken Vang arrangement or that it will let you down.

The kit can be supplied “rigged” with a spliced primary line & low friction secondary line. Email for details –

Buy it, rig it, calibrate it, respect it & get sailing…

Spares & alternative parts available:

  • Mast attachment – Clevis pin with ring (SAS part number:  91297-02)
  • Mast attachment – Bolt with nylock nut (SAS part number: 91297-03)
  • Mast attachment – Toggle pin with spring (SAS part number: 91297-04)
  • Cunningham attachment – Clevis pin with ring (SAS part number: 91297-06)
  • Fairlead (into main body) – (SAS part number: 91297-12)
  • Cleat with alloy cams – (SAS part number: 91517)
  • Cleat springs – (SAS part number: 91517-06)
  • Cleat top fairlead – (SAS part number: 91297-08)
  • Key with thicker flange – (SAS part number: 91521-02)
  • Upper block /Key bolt with nylock nut – (SAS part number: 91521-04)