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The Laser Power Pack by Harken – Fully class legal.

The Laser is a difficult & demanding boat to sail well so you want everything set up well & working well for you.

Harken have been producing this Laser Power Pack kit for many years & fundamentally it has not changed however it has been steadily refined.

This kit is supplied as XD equipment with new boats but can be retrofittable to older hulls and uses the existing screw holes. The kit contains screws & instructions.

The cleats work really well (as you would expect being Harken) cleating & un-cleating relatively easily even when under extreme load. The test of  an outhaul system is whether one can put it on easily when approaching the leeward mark in wind & waves & the test of the Cunningham is whether one can readily un-cleat it when approaching the windward mark.

The outhaul part of the kit provides for a 6:1 purchase which is sufficient for the majority of Laser sailors. Should you require an 8:1 purchase Sail and Sport can advise you on a suitably modified arrangement –

The Cunningham part of the kit also provides for a 6:1 purchase which is sufficient for the majority of Radial sailors, 4.7 sailors & those using a Standard Mk 1 sail. However, the majority of Laser sailors using the Standard Mk 2 sail will find they are better off with the maximum allowed 8:1 purchase. Sail and Sport can advise you on a suitable modified arrangements to provide for 8:1 purchase –

It is unlikely you will be disappointed with this Harken outhaul & Cunningham arrangement or that it will let you down.

The kit can be supplied “rigged” with a spliced primary line & low friction secondary line. Email for details –

Buy it, rig it, calibrate it, respect it & get sailing…

Spares & alternative parts available:

  • Silicone sealant (for screws into deck)
  • Block to deck block plate attachment – Clevis pin with ring (SAS part number:  91512-02)
  • Block (16mm)  for plate block – (SAS part number: 91512)
  • Block (18mm) for outhaul – Spare
  • Block (29mm) for Cunningham – Spare & additional for Cunningham 8:1
  • Hook for clew (SAS part number: Spare
  • Clew strap (SAS part number: 91078 )
  • Cleat with alloy cams – (SAS part number: 91517)
  • Cleat springs – (SAS part number: 91517-06)

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