Tiller & extension, Omni-flex / Universal joint

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“Omni-flex” joint also referred to as a “universal joint” & is suitable for many boats. It is light, flexible, strong & durable whilst providing good, positive “feel” to the steering. Very easy to fit requires a rivet or small screw (see comments below) to hold it in place in the tiller extension.

There are several makes on the market but in our opinion this one is the best.

Complete failure is rare they usually crack first giving you plenty of warning of imminent failure.

Sail & Sport recommends the use of a screw rather than a pop rivet as this makes any future change easier.

Carbon/composite tiller extensions:   22mm & 25mm diameter – No 6 x 3/4″ self tapping screw (stainless steel grade A4)

Aluminium or Carbon/composite tiller extension:   19mm – No 6 x 1/2″ self tapping screw (stainless steel grade A4)

Recommended – One for your “spares box”.

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