Laser, Repair & Maintenance, Duralac – Anti-corrosive compound

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Duralac anti-corrosive compound.

Essential for those sailing at sea on salt water & good practice for those sailing inland on fresh water.

Due to differences in the electrical charge that various materials naturally have when they are brought together essentially a mini battery if formed. The resulting tiny electric current causes the juncture of one of the materials (the least “noble”) to be slowly “eroded” away. However, with the addition of salt water (which is a good conductor) this process is greatly speeded up, occurs over a much greater area & is termed “corrosion”. *

Duralac acts to prevent this partly by acting as an insulator & partly as a sacrificial element in the process.

The most noticeable place this occurs on a Laser is on the block hanger at the outer end of the boom.

* A fuller description is available on request.