Sunfish Race, Ice Blue, Red Coaming

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The Sunfish Race is a box one design that provides equal performance for all boats €“ so it is not a better boat that wins the race, but the better sailor. One of sailing ‘s most recognized brands, The Sunfish Race combines simplicity and performance making it popular for racers who do not want to spend time working on their boats, but want to be out racing! Designed as the ultimate beach craft, this maintenance free boat holds its resale value thanks to its robust construction, highlighted by hard chines and a flat underbody. The Sunfish can be stored almost anywhere and is a snap to car-top, making it a popular International class and easy to transport to the hundreds of racing events held worldwide.

If you are interested in racing, the Sunfish Race is your entry into a large and stable class.

The Sunfish Race features:
·Fiberglass hull
·Fiberglass foils
·Aluminum spars
·Line kit
·Class legal race sail with window
·Ability to rig an outhaul, cunningham, and quick release gooseneck
·Lightweight hull
·Kick-up rudder system
·Self-bailing cockpit
·Storage compartment in the cockpit