Laser 4.7, “Race” with aluminium mast & tiller

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Recognized as a competitive youth class boat around the globe, the 4.7 is a great entry level racer for younger and lighter sailors entering into the Laser world. Often the next step after the Bug, Optimist or Pico, the 4.7 features the same hull as the Laser and Laser Radial, but a smaller sail plan to make it more manageable.   The Laser 4.7 comes standard as the Laser 4.7 Race version.  The Laser 4.7 Race features:
·Ice Blue Fiberglass hull ·Fiberglass foils
·Aluminum spars
·Line kit
·Harken Race upgrade Cunningham/Outhaul kit
·Harken Race upgrade Boom Vang/Kicker
·Gorilla tiller and extension
·Class legal sail
·Harken 60mm ratchet block
·Padded toe strap